The IMC for humanity

Realize Future
Technology to Benefit Human
Understanding that Data and technology comes from human,
THE IMC goes deep into human-oriented services that the data and technology
can provide. With Bigdata and AI, THE IMC realizes the brightest future
the world has dreamed of.

What we do

Answer with data and technology, Solve problems and Communicate with people

  • Bigdata 이미지

    Data analysis, data-based service
    development and consulting on the
    basis of TEXTOM, a consistent
    processing solution of bigdata.

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  • Artificial Intelligence 이미지
    Artificial Intelligence

    Various artificial Intelligence services
    with the technology of natural language
    processing, deep learning, voice recognition
    and knowledge based chatbot.

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  • Marketing Communication

    Bigdata analysis online marketing
    services with over 10 year’s
    knowhow and expertise.

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We value the right people who are ‘passionate, creative and active’.

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1.37Billion KRW (in 2017)


31Employees (in 2018. 5)