Career We expect original and competent talents who lead the future of The IMC

Right people

The IMC values the right people who are ‘passionate, creative and active’.

A global leader to intelligent information Human the First
  • Passionate Person

    We train newbies to be

  • Creative Person

    We surely reward excellent job performance

  • Active Person

    We support self-directed learning of employees

    1. Planning and Evaluation Office
    2. project planning, personnel management, administration, taxation, accounting
    1. Web Planning Team
    2. web service, mobile service
    1. Marketing Communication Team
    2. comprehensive online service
    1. Design Team
    2. web based platform design
    1. Bigdata Research Team
    2. bigdata collecting and analysis, intelligence information technology development
    1. Bigdata Development Team
    2. bigdata analysis tool and API development, Hadoop & cloud based technology development
    1. Bigdata Consulting Team
    2. bigdata related consulting