Solution Deep Analysis and Consulting Draw Insights from Bigdata


TEXTOM is web-based solution with natural language processing technology.
It’s the core technology of THE IMC’s bigdata-based services,
providing collection, cleaning, and analysis of complicated bigdata.


  • 01Multi-lingual data processing
  • 02Highly compatible data Result
  • 03Multi-channel collecting
  • 04User data processing
  • 05Cloud service
  • 06Intuitive visualization


  1. STEP 01 Collecting Language : Korean, Chinese, English
    Part of speech : noun, adjective, verb
    Channel : Naver. Daum, Google,
    Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
  2. STEP 02 Saving Enables to check out collected
    data and save it
  3. STEP 03 Refining refines possessing data and
    uses morpheme analyzer &
    name recognizer
  4. STEP 04 Creating matrix creates matrix data and
    receives diverse indexs
    of similarity
  5. STEP 05 Visualizing TF
    Topic modeling
    Name recognition
  • Research Papers

    Over fifty scholar papers were published by university faculties and students
  • Bigdata Workshop in Public Institutes and Universities

    Seoul Univ., Ihwa Women’s Univ., Hanbat Univ., and Defense Agency for Technology and Quality etc.
  • System Integration for Businesses

    Text analysis solution for worldwide
    customer complaints (Hyundai Motors)
  • Venture-Nara registered solution

    Officially registered product and
    can be purchased in Venture-Nara