Solution Deep Analysis and Consulting Draw Insights from Bigdata

TEXTOMi Fashion

Fashion specialized solution that adopts TEXTOMi Fashion, Korea’s first bigdata based marketing decision supporting platform.
Applied the system of bigdata collecting and analysis, and machine learning, various materials for marketing
can be identified and used in real time in one convenient place.


  • 01Real-time data collection
  • 02Application machine learning system
  • 03Easy-to-use interface
  • 04Flexibility
  • 05Provides save/edit functions for data visualizations

Marketing Intelligence Service Platform

  1. MONITORING Provide fashion trend information
    such as fashion issue keywords,
    public data and fashion news,
    real way fashion by analyzing
    huge amount of integrated data
  2. ANALYSIS Show real fashion market
    situation by analyzing fashion
    product data and fashion
    brand data
  3. PREDICTION Support the insights of fashion
    trend and market situation by
    collecting fashion related
    big data information
  4. MY TEXTOMi Customize any fashion related
    information simply by searching
    activity and create a report
    with the result automatically
  • Business Solution Development

    Developed Buzz analytic solution of Samsung C&T online fashion
    on the basis of TEXTOMi Fashion
  • Industry-University-Institute Collaboration Development

    Under the support of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, joint development with Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry and Kyungpook National University, and with advisory committee from Ehwa Women’s University