These are The IMC’s footsteps that constantly challenges.

  • 2020
    Development of ‘Division Antagonism’ analysis program based on emotional vocablulary
    Study of Agriculture Crops Analysis based on Drone Image and AI
    Maintenance of Samsung Fashion Buzz Analysis System
  • 2019
    Launched TEXTOMi Edu (KERIS)
    Establishment of Korean dialogue data for AI service
    Establishment of Intelligent Sewage Control system based on Big data
    Disaster Site Emergency Response Technology Development
    Maintenance of Yeungnam University Industry Professional Practice System
    Establishment of South-east EIP-TEP platform(Eco-Industrial Park Total Environmental Platform)
    Developed Livestock Disease Big data Processing Framework
    Establishment of farm management supporting pilot service based on GIS
    Establishment of innovative startup platform (2019)
  • 2018
    Launched TEXTOMi 3.0
    Launched decision support service(DSS) brand, TEXTOMi
    Patented analysis method for Risk of Traffic Accident and Storage Medium Having the Same
    Signed an MOU to develop the processor optimized for operation and management of public sewage treatment facility using Big data and AI technologies
    Selected as a Main-Biz by the ministry of SMEs and startups
    Selected as a Productivity Management System(PMS)
    Development of the fire and safety forecasting service based on Big data
    Launched TEXTOM 2.5
    Signed an MOU with Daegu Environmental Corporation
  • 2017
    Selected as an Engineering Service Provider(ESP) by the ministry of SMEs and startups
    Development of Agri-Food Data Map
    Development of the forecasting system of call center civil service based on voice recognition
    Predictive analysis of the shelf-life of ammunition
    Launched MiSP (currently, TEXTOMi Fashion)
  • 2016
    Establishment of the forecasting system of supply and demand of vegetables based on Big data
    Development of traffic accident prediction service based on Big data
    Signed an MOU with Global Big Data Exchange, in Guizhou, China
  • 2015
    Selected as a Daegu Pre-STAR Company
    Development of SNS information processing SW module of environmental disaster
    Development of MiSP for Customizing Marketing in Apparel industry
  • 2014
    Establishment of the social platform to implement safe and secure city based on Big data
    Hold the foresight academy based on Big data
    Signed the consortium and business agreement with TBN Traffic Broadcasting Network, Daegu
  • 2013
    Officially launched TEXTOM, the bigdata solution optimized Korean language
    Development of apple crop information service based on IT convergence in agriculture area.
    Establishment of SNS integrated hub system, Daegu Talk Talk
    Study to launch a network in collaboration with industrial, university, research institutes for Korea National Food Cluster
  • 2012
    Established Big Data Science Institute
  • 2004~2011
    대구광역시, 대구광역시교육청, 대구관광, 에쓰-오일토탈윤활유, 영남대학교, 수성대학교, 영남이공대학 등 웹사이트 구축 및 솔루션 개발 대구광역시, 대구광역시교육청, 에쓰-오일토탈윤활유, KRISS 기술사업화센터, 국가참조표준센터, 수성대학교, 영남이공대학교, 대구과학대학교, 대구컨벤션뷰로, 경북여성정책개발원, 대구여성가족재단, 대구경북경제자유구역청, 대구미술관, 대구예술발전소, 대구상공회의소 Offering social media PR services
  • 2003
    Started as an integrated marketing communication company.