It is a decision support service, forecasting the trend, based on Big data and AI

Decision Support Service, TextoMI

When you want to easily analyze trends on a specific topic
When you want to find product planning insights in online communities
When you want to know brand reputation through data analysis
When AI and Big data platforms need to be introduced
When you need to analyze the sentiment of brands, services or items with news comments and social data

TextoMI understands the market and reads consumers’ minds.
TextoMI is the only one that can monitor, compare, analyze, forecast and write various data and industry trends for marketing, service strategy and planning without complicated steps.
TextoMI analyzes vast amounts of integrated data and provides integrated information viewing functions such as issue keywords, keyword frequency and trends and the related words.
By providing in-depth information in different dimensions, It can be used to establish business policies and strategies by carefully analyzing even sentimental trends and sentimental keywords.
By applying the TheIMC’s own AI prediction technique, we provide the prediction results of future trends by industries and market conditions that can only be confirmed by TextoMI.
Customized analysis
You can analyze the data you want to know, just like searching, and you can quickly and easily create your own quality reports.

TextoMI Service Structure

We collect, classify, analyze and visualize the unstructured data generated online and the structure data provided
by public institutions to provide only valuable insights required for various fields.

TextoMI Service implementation

Do TextoMI! TextoMI will be a competitive advantage of your company.